Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: A Simple Sash

 Sashes can be a wonderful accessory.  And so easy, too.

Fabric: 1/2 yd. of any non-sheer medium weight fabric
   Cut into 3 pieces: 1-waist length x 8" (equals a 3 1/2 wide sash)   If you want the sash wider, buy more than 1/2 yd and cut cut it more than 8" wide.
2-20" x 8" each.
Sewing Supplies (hand and machine)


 1. Sew one long piece to waist piece on the short end, with right sides together.  Other side of waist piece and second long piece.  You now have one long sash piece.

 2. Audition the sash to check for length.  Tie it in a bow around the garment.  Trim off ends of the sash as needed.

 3. Fold sash, right sides together, matching long ends and sew.  Leave an open space near one of the piecing seams for turning.
seam opening

4. Press seam to the center with the sash wrong side out.

 5. Sew both sash ends shut.

 6. Turn the sash right side out through the opening you made in the long seam. Press out old press marks and press seams flat.  Hand stitch the opening closed.

7. Turn the sash over to the right side and give one final press.

The dress shown is a version of the Miss Molly pattern without the ruffle trims.  Peaking out from the hemline is a tulle petticoat.
Happy Sewing!

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