Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Allison's 4H Project

This is the story of my Tops for Tweens 4H project.
I began thinking about what I would make for my project in October. My mom and I went shopping. I saw a top with multi-colored lace. I liked that lace. We couldn't find any to buy. My mom had dyed nylon fabric with koolaid for me before. I wanted to try tie dying lace with koolaid. My mom found nylon lace online. I asked her to buy it for me.
I went to Koolaid's website a made a list of all of the colors of koolaid. We bought one pack of each at the store and tested them in clear cups. I chose three colors to use.
I watched some tie dying videos on youtube to learn to tie dye in a hot water pot. Dying in a hot water pot is tricky, because the burners are on low and you don't want to catch the fabric or yourself on fire. It was too much for my hands to hold, so my mom helped me hold the fabrics while dying them.
I wanted to make a tunic and decided to use my Miss Lydia pattern to make the top. It is a dress pattern, but has a custom design feature that let me choose how many tiers my top would have and how long each tier would be. With the custom feature, I could allow for all of the growing I've done this year.
I have been checking fashion books out from the library and like the bohemian fashion so I made bell bottoms out of a pair of jeans and added some hot fix and bedazzeled jewels and rhinestones. A bedazzler is a difficult machine to use.  It took 4 hands. Mom made me a hotfix iron on of my name for one leg of my jeans.
We found a braided belt picture and a braided headband, and tutorials on how to make them online. This went with the bohemian idea well.
This was a fun project. I learned a lot of new things about making fashion from my own ideas.
I won first place at my county fair and Outstanding of the Day at my state fair. Most of all I love wearing my boho outfit.
Happy Sewing,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Re-Introducing Emma's Quilt Dress Pattern

This is such a fun dress to make and wear. Your daughter will be dancing and twirling about for sure.  Make it for an outing or for play with the fabrics you choose.
With two sewing options, Custom Fit and Standard Fit, you can choose how you would like to make it.
With the Custom Fit: the included pattern piece, size 12 mo. -size 10 girls, is ready for you to customize your bodice and cut the sleeves.  The quilt skirt has pieced tiers, giving you the freedom to add a one of a kind fabric combination.
The Standard Fit option allows you to use our bodice templates and handy cutting guides for sizes 12 mo. -size 8 and an 18” doll to create the dress without measuring the wearer or doing any calculations.
A tunic length looks great paired with the Quick Pants, also designed by SquigglyTwigs.  

Sizing Guides and Fabric Requirement Charts are available on the corresponding pages above.

SquigglyTwigs Designs uses non-traditional construction techniques to make sewing fun, easy, and so quick.  There are two unique techniques used in the construction of this dress.  One is constructing the dress in the flat with the side seams sewn last.  The other is "tricking" your sewing machine into gathering without the use of a special foot.

Happy Sewing,
Debbie and Allison

Monday, March 10, 2014

Re-introducing the Miss Elizabeth e-pattern

Miss Elizabeth is a classic.  Any girl will feel like a princess in Miss Elizabeth with a dolly version to match.
Depending on the fabrics you choose, this can be the dress for a special occasion or a fun dress for a party.
The bodice back has interesting buttons and loops for the closure.  Use matching buttons or add a bit of whimsy by using mismatched buttons from your button collection.
The final detail is the front flower and lace pin.
You're guaranteed a perfect fit for any size, when using the Custom Fit option and a t-shirt as a template for the bodice and measurements for the skirt.
Or use the Standard Fit option with the included bodice patterns and cutting guide and create sizes 2-8 and an 18” doll.
At SquigglyTwigs Designs, we use non-traditional techniques to make sewing easy and fun. We're always here to help you create the dress you'd like to create.
You can purchase this pattern in our Craftsy shop in the Right-Hand margin.
Happy Sewing,
Debbie and Allison

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fundraising for a special friend!

Another pattern designer is sharing this graphic.
Final Update:  Thank you so much for supporting our friends in their time of need by purchasing from SquigglyTwigs Designs.  We were able to send a total of $103 dollars to them.  That's a lot of .99 pattern sales.

Update: This is our last week for the Fundraising sale.  Our friends are back in their home and getting settled.  We are praising the Lord with them for protection and restoration. Final sales update will be posted after April 4th.

Update: They are in a rental house through mid March.  Salvageable items are being moved into the rental house today.
We've sold enough patterns so far to send $25.  Keep spreading the word and enjoying our patterns.

A dear friend of mine and her family are going through a really, really tough time.  She's the designer behind The Handmade Dress.   The's been on bedrest for quite a while with her pregnancy.  And, made a trip to the hospital during their awful storm last week.  The baby and mama are fine.  But,
while they were all away and it was sooooo cold, pipes burst in the attic of their home flooding everything but one room.  It's a big mess.  Her husband returned home from the hospital for food and found water pouring from the front door.  They do have insurance, but it will be a while before that can come through.
In the meantime they are in temporary housing.  She's still on bed rest.  There's all sorts of wet stuff to sort through and there are 5 children to help settle.
All of this to say that they could use some help.  They are always the first ones to give and help others.  So,
I've placed all of our patterns on sale at .99 each in our Craftsy shop.  All of the proceeds will go to them.  This will continue until they are back on their feet.  You'll find the Craftsy shop link in the right margin of this post. Or, follow this link.
I can't be there, I'm in Ohio and she's in Alabama, to help care and sort and clean...but I can give.   If you aren't interested in patterns check our facebook page for another way to give.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lulu's Quilt Jumper is now Updated!

Lulu’s Quilt Jumper pattern is designed to be fun to make and fun to wear! With just one pattern piece, and some cutting, you can make a beautiful dress for your special girl or her doll.
This pattern fits dolls to girl’s size 10.
The Custom Fit option gives you control of the length of the bodice. The squares for the skirt tiers are already calculated for you.
The Standard Fit option gives you the needed measurements and pattern piece to quickly cut and create a dress that is uniquely yours.
For an optional look, shorten the length and pair it with Squiggly Twigs Quick Pants or capris.
This video on chain piecing will help with the piecing of the squares for the pattern.
Customers who already own the Twirly Quilt Jumper pattern may email squigglytwigsdesigns@yahoo.com and request your free update.
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Updated Miss Molly!

Miss Molly was designed and sewn by my daughter when she was 6 years old. So when I say it’s easy, I mean it.
A perfect play dress or a dress for a special occasion…it’s all up to you and the fabrics you choose.
The best part is you are assured of a great fit.
Customize this dress by drafting a pattern based on your own favorite t-shirt. With this pattern-making knowledge, you can create a dress in any size from infant to adult. You can mix things up by using an empire waist or changing the length of the skirt.
Or, choose a Standard Fit and use the printable bodice pieces and cutting guide. The standard fit pieces will fit girl sizes 2-8.
The tutorial for the pink pettiskirt shown under the black and white dress on the cover can be found by clicking this link.
The techniques within this pattern are not meant to teach sewing in the “traditional” sense, but to help you create garments in a quick, yet stylish way.
We’ve also included pattern pieces and cutting guide for an 18” doll.
Happy Sewing,
Debbie and Allison

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Miss Charlotte is Updated!

The Charlotte Skirt is a fun and easy skirt to make.
This versatile pattern comes with a Custom Fit or Standard Fit option. An optional apron and hem trim gives the opportunity for endless creativity.
The Custom Fit option gives you control of the width and length of your skirt. The sizing formula in the Custom Fit option allows you to make a skirt in any size!
The Standard Fit option (sizes 12 mo.-8 and 18” doll), allows you to use our cutting guide and eliminate measuring and math.
This skirt looks great paired with the peasant shirt, as shown in the picture on the cover.
Our patterns are intended to teach a creative way to sew beautiful and fun clothing in a limited amount of time. Quick and time-saving techniques are utilized wherever possible..
This skirt looks great paired with a Pretty Peasant shirt or a top made from our Fun and Easy Knit pattern.
Happy Sewing,
Debbie and Allison