Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: Tulle Petti...of sorts

 Several years ago I made a white version of this.  We use it to give a little poof under a skirt.  This one has a bigger purpose.  This little pettiskirt will be worn under a black and white Miss Molly that Curly and I are working on together for her to wear to her cousins wedding.  The pretty pink of this will show from the bottom of the Miss Molly dress about 4" and coordinate with a sash of the same color.  We'll be making a lovely red version to make the dress work great for Christmas.  Our petti and sash will make our black and white Miss Molly serve a variety of purposes.
Make your own tulle petti in a few minutes and for under $5.

4 yds. of tulle 60" wide
1 pk. of blanket binding (or extra wide ribbon)
Sewing supplies


 1. Make sure the tulle is evenly folded in half 60" width to 30".  Press fold well with iron.
If you are making a short petti for a small child you need not bother with this.  You'll be cutting it off to length.  We needed every bit of our length.

2. Unfold and stitch short sides (60") together. Fold back in place.
3. Gather (see our gathering tute here) folded edge. (sorry I forgot to photograph this) Pull up the gathers to about 3" larger than the hip measurement of the wearer.

 4. Cut a piece of blanket binding the width of the hip plus 5".
Sandwich gathered edge inside blanket binding.  Stitch.

 5. When you get back to the beginning fold in the raw edge to hide it and over lap the beginning raw edge.
6. Overlap edges and stitch.

 7. Thread elastic through the blanket binding casing.

 8. Fit the skirt to the wearer and then stitch the elastic together.  You have no idea how many times I thought I had the elastic measured right and did this step with out fitting only to have to re-do it.

 9.  Close up the elastic whole.

 10. Wear the petti under your favorite skirt or dress for an extra special detail.  Or use it for play....

Happy Sewing!
Debbie and Allison (aka Curly)

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  1. Love the idea of it sticking out under a skirt or dress. :)


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