Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss Molly e-Pattern

Miss Molly was designed and sewn by my 6 yr. old daughter.  So when I say it's easy, I mean it. :) A perfect play dress or a dress for a special's all up to you and the fabrics you choose.
    The best part is you are assured of a great fit.
    Customize this dress by drafting a pattern based on your own favorite t-shirt. With this pattern-making knowledge, you can create a dress in any size from infant to adult. You can mix things up by using an empire waist or changing the length of the skirt.
    Or, choose a Standard Fit and use the printable bodice pieces and cutting guide. The standard fit pieces will fit girl sizes 2-8.
    The tutorial for the red pettiskirt shown under the black and white dress on the cover can be found by clicking this link.
    The techniques within this pattern are not meant to teach sewing in the “traditional” sense, but to help you create garments in a quick, yet stylish way.
    We've also included pattern pieces and cutting guide for an 18” doll.
Happy Sewing!
Debbie and Allison

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  1. Stephanie Vander VeldenSeptember 3, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    This is a great and very easy pattern! YOu can make it quickly and it is very cute!


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