Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: A Princess Room Pt. 3 Chandelier

 Curly's birthday present request was a "simple" one.  She wanted a bedroom that "looks like a princess sleeps here".  That's all I needed to start my creative mind.  Last year for her birthday she requested a new bedspread and canopy.  So, the room had a very good start.  I took an internet stroll through "princess" bedrooms and found luxurious curtains and chandeliers to be most common pieces for a princesses room.  The curtains would be easy.  Watch for the curtain tutorial in the next couple of weeks.  The chandelier proved to be more of a challenge.  Not certain how to create one, I first considered buying one.  What I wanted simply wasn't in my budget.  After a short diy search, I was armed with just enough confidence to be dangerous.
After a trip to the thrift store, the home improvement store, and Hobby Lobby, I was ready to work.  The result...nothing short of amazing. I still can't believe it came out as good as it did. 
Want a chandelier...you really can do this.  This one cost $20 and a few hours of creativity.

Chandelier: this is what ours started like, although it was missing all but one globe.  I'd suggest one that has the lights pointing up.  Turning these around was a bit scary.  I didn't want to break it or twist up a wire.
Beads: I purchase the beads I used at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section.
Paint and Primer
Light Bulbs
Ribbons and Lace


 1. Sand lightly to rough up the lights surface so the paint will hold better.  Prime and paint per your paints directions.  Make sure to spray from all angles for good coverage.  I suggest doing this in the daylight.  I couldn't wait and did mine in the dark with the yard lights.

 2. Add beads, lace, and ribbon as you desire.  I was so involved in creating, I forgot to take "in process" photos.  I cut beads to appropriate lengths and tied them onto my light with white thread.  The white thread is so thin it is hidden beautifully.  I added a satin ribbon bow to the top and lace bows around the light holders to cover some of my beading tie-off work.

The finished product.  It sparkles perfectly.  I sure wish I knew how to photograph it well.
Best of all....the Princess is home and in love with her Princess Room. 

PS....take a look at the previous post for a Birthday present from Curly.

Happy Sewing...well creating!

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