Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: A Princess Room Pt. 4: Curtains

The final piece of Curly's princess room was the curtains.  These swags are so easy to make, and makes her room look elegant, it's a shame it took me so long to do it.
The curtain project was completed within an hour (2 swags).
To see the three previous tutorials for the princess room scroll down to last weeks Tuesday's Tute: Chandelier.  It also includes links to the bedspread and canopy tutorials.

Fabric (I used the skirts of two formal dresses, because I had them in the fabric stash.)
Cup hooks (2 per window)

1. Cut the rectangle for your curtain.

 2. Hem
 3. Tie ribbon around the curtain in two places.  We used wire ribbon and curved the ends into a flower.  You could also use regular ribbon and tie a bow.  Finish the ribbon edge with fray check or the "candle method".
4. Put a cup hook each top corner of the window.  Hook a ribbon over each hook and arrange the curtain as you like it.

Happy Sewing!

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