Monday, November 28, 2011

Celebrate!!!!! Curly's Giving Presents...Big Ones!

Here's Curly wearing her Miss Molly with her county fair awards at 6 yrs. old

Today is a special day at our house, a Birthday.  A day this special only comes two times a year for us; a child's birthday.  Now I know birthdays are a big thing, especially when it's a child's birthday. But, in our home, it's also the celebration of a gift I thought I'd never receive....and it's not my birthday.
Eight (it's hard to believe eight years have gone by) years ago, the day after Thanksgiving, our first child, a daughter was born. We were the very (understatement) thankful for the gift of her life. Her birth mother chose to give her life, not an easy choice for her, then chose us as the forever parents of her precious daughter, another extremely difficult choice for her. Our daughter's birth mother, with the help of the Lord and some wonderful Christian people (whom I've not met), chose life and adoption for our little baby.
Our daughter, now turning eight, is an amazing gift. She's also the reason SquigglyTwigs Designs exists and one of our designers.  Curly designed Allie's Quilt Skirt, Miss Molly, and Miss Maria.  She's contributed to most of the other designs.
I'm incredibly humbled every day when I look at her. The Lord heard my heart's cry and gave me my heart's desire. The Lord blessed us again, nineteen months later, with a extra special son. I'm so undeserving...and Thankful beyond expression.
I want to share my thankfulness with you all. And Curly asked to share her birthday with you. So from today until Monday, December 5th, all of our patterns are .90 each. Use the code Celebrate at checkout to apply your discount.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
Debbie and Curly

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