Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Use your Cricket (scrapbooking cutter) For Fabric

Besides this baseball, we've cut castles, flowers, trains, an octopus, and a multi-pieced butterfly from fabric scraps. We've cut stacked floral flowers from felt for hair clips. And we've seen thick fabrics (fake fur) cut also. Designs with simple lines cut better than complicated ones.

What you need:
A Cricket or scrapbook cutting machine
Fabric sized a bit larger than the object you'd like cut
masking tape
spray starch
Fabric (deep cut) blade for your Cricket

1. Set your machine up to cut.
-changing the blade to the fabric blade.
-cut on a slower speed than you'd usually use.
-if cutting felt, set the machine to cut twice.

2. Prepare your fabric and cutting mat
-spray starch your fabric and iron it
-if making an iron-on applique, apply the backing now and leave paper attached.
-lay your fabric (wrong side up) on the cutting mat in the appropriate place (paper side up for iron-on)
Be certain that your image is reversed because you'll be laying your fabric wrong side up.
-tape the fabric edges well and then tape a grid of about 1" on top of the fabric
The more tape the better the cutting result, especially with felt.

3. Insert and Cut your image.
4. Remove from the cutter. You may need to snip some threads loose, but overall this has worked many times very well at our house.

5. After the image is cut, iron or sew it (or both as we do) to your garment piece.

We use Sure Cuts A Lot software for our images. This software has saved us a remarkable amount of money, as we only need one cartridge. All of our images have been found free on the internet. And we have hundreds in a file on our computer. You name it, we can cut it and our total investment was a Cricket and cartridge (on ebay), a fabric blade, and iron on backing. We use fabric scraps for our appliques.
More information on Sure Cuts A Lot software is available by clicking the link in our side bar. We are an affiliate, but are not receiving compensation for this tutorial.

Happy Sewing!


  1. When you say a fabric blade, do you mean a standard or deep Cricut blade that you have reserved for cutting fabric or is it a specialty blade? And if the latter, where do you find them?

  2. I do mean the deep cut Circut blade. I'm sorry for the confusion. I asked for a blade for cutting fabric and was given mine. I checked and it is called the deep cut blade.

  3. Debbie -- thanks for the tip. I've been wondering if I could cut fabric with my Cricut Personal and this is the first time I've seen any information about a deep cut blade. I'm looking into finding one. I also checked out the Sure Cuts-a-Lot link. Lots of good info. Thanks!

  4. THANKS- I knew there had to be a way to do this!

  5. Thanks! I don't scrapbook but also wondered if those nifty machines could be used for fabric cutting.


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