Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something fun...challenge me!

I found this photo in one of my places of inspiration, Garnet I really like this outfit, especially the detail on the top.
I, and my children, regularly find design elements for our patterns in clothing catalogues. After looking at the catalogues, we choose elements we like and then recreate them. We're not quite sure how "they" do it, so it's not a copywrite issue. But fun to take an idea from one place and recreate it in a pattern for you...our way.'s the challenge. Find a photo of a garment/design element you like and email it to me @ I'll take those elements and learn how to do them, then write a tutorial about it and suggest which of patterns would work well with that design element. Let's see what I can do. You get tutorials for things you'd like to know, in Tuesday's Tutes, I get more inspiration and my creativity stretched. We both win!
Happy Sewing!

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