Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Follow Me" Giveaway: New rules for Winning

A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll to help determin how to award the free pattern better. Many of the winners are not claiming their prize which required me to re-draw numerous times.
So, based on the poll comments, the new rules are:
1. Follow Me (have contact info in your profile or contact info on your blog).
2. When we reach 25 follower milestones (100, 125, 150 etc.) a winner will be drawn from the followers. I'll make a "getting close" post to give everyone a heads up that I'm near the next milestone/draw.
3. I'll do a random draw and post the winner. To win the follower must have a way for me to contact in their profile or blog.
4. The winner will have to respond to the post or contact to name and claim their free pattern.
5. I'll no longer re-draw.
Hopefully this gives regular readers a chance to win, which is what I intended when setting up this giveaway.
Happy Sewing!

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