Sunday, February 7, 2010

My first bathing suit

As my sweet daugther gets taller and, yes, thinner, I get to learn to sew new things. This is my first bathing suit. We used last year's suit as our "pattern". It fit well in width, but was waaaay too short in all areas.
I did a lot of reading and talking with other swim sewing mamas in order to learn how to cut this to fit and put in elastic so that it would form to her body without gapping.
We made a long tankini. I chose a tankini style so that she could use the restroom easily yet be covered well. We swim a lot in public and I simply have an issue with who knows who looking at her without extra coverage. I know, some would say I need to "lighten up", however that's not likely. So we'll cover up instead.
The tank and skirt nearly touch in the middle. The panties are attached to the skirt and the skirt is just shy of mid-thigh.
My daugther found the design elements she liked, the ruffles, and trim. None of the reading or talking I did gave us any idea how to do the elastic within the trim. Most swim patterns do not use any edge trim. But, for her, and armed with a lot of extra fabric, I gave it a shot. I only had to pick it out once.
The suit has a few issues, but no one but me will ever know where they are.
This will not likely become a SquigglyTwigs pattern. I'm not sure I'd ever be able to write up what I did. I'm quite willing to talk anyone through it though. It wasn't hard and would be quite easy without edge trim.
Our fabric is from Chez Ami and sews like a dream. It stretches nicely and is very soft. We bought two yards of each color on sale at $2.50 yd. and it's 60" wide. We'll be making more swim suit combos. My daughter has already requested the next suit to have a black and white skirt with floral ruffle.
I'll wait until closer to summer to do another, as I have many patterns to get written right now.

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