Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: How to make a regular pattern into a "slim"

These are a "slim" version of our Cute and Quick Pants e-pattern. Making a pattern slim is really not difficult. The easiest type of pattern to do this to is a pattern with an elastic waist and no side seam.

What do you need:
Measurements of your child
--length of pant or height (which ever measurement your pattern uses to determine which size you want to make)
2 pattern sizes: One to match your child's hip measurement
One to match your child's height/length

1. Lay the height related sized pattern (usually the larger size) on a table or flat surface.
2. Lay the hip related sized pattern (usually the smaller size) on top of the other pattern.
Match up the point of the crotch seam, the part where the crotch seam curves out. This point and an much of the crotch curve should match for both patterns.
The height, width and length of the patterns will not match. The larger pattern will stick out under the smaller one. This is good.

3. Pin pattern pieces together to prevent slipping.

4. Draw a line for the outter leg edge onto the larger pattern, using the smaller pattern (hip size) as your stencil.
5. Seperate the pattern pieces. You should now have the larger (length) size with a line drawn on it to represent the (hip) width size. Continue the lines to the top and bottom of your pattern to complete the outter leg edge.

6. Cut off the excess pattern from the outter edge.

Now you have a new "slim" version for your long and lean child. I always label mine 6 (her current length size) slim. So that I remember I've made this one slim and don't accidently cut it later for my son.
Extra tip: Some patterns naturally run wide. Check the "finished hip" width on your pattern. It may be written on the back of the envelope or at the hip line on the pattern. Take notice of how much larger that measurement is compared to the hip measurement of your child. You want it to be a few inches larger, but not more than 3" or so. If it is larger than you want, take this into consideration when you choose which size of pattern to use.
Happy Sewing!
PS...Mommy inspiration: My sister-in-law sent me this video. It is truly inspiring. This is my first video blog link. I hope it works.

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