Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Shoes with Beautiful Bling!

I know, it's not Tuesday. But my daughter and I couldn't wait to share these and the how to with you. We had so much fun making them and have another pair waiting.
I tried to get a photo to show the sparkle power of the glitter paint and the jeweled toes, but alas, this is my best shot.
I painted little flowers and a vine on both sides of the shoe, then sprayed with a glitter paint for fabric from the craft store. Lastly, I glued on some reclaimed crystals with super glue.
I considered waiting to see how the paint on the toe part and glue idea would hold up, before I shared the tute with you, but well...if it doesn't hold, we'll fix it.
Acrylic or Fabric Paints...they come in little bottles at the craft store and wash with water, although not out of clothing. I learned the hard way a few years back.
Glitter fabric spray paint (optional)...mine came in a pump sprayer
Bling...our's are reclaimed from a formal dress rescued from a boutique trash pile
Super glue...I used the gel kind to eliminate the drip factor
Clean Shoes...we bought $6 shoes at the Dollar Store, any canvas will do. They needn't be new, just fabric softener.
Ribbon (optional) for laces. Make sure you seal the ends so they don't fray. My daughter likes the laces that came with the shoes, so no ribbon for us this time.


1. Plan your design.
2. Remove the laces
4. Paint away. If your paint is gloppy you may need to add just a tad of water to it. My paints went on very well from the bottle. Rotate through your design and do as many coats as you need, I did three, to get your design to pop, but not sit thick on top of the shoe. A "thick on top" design may give you a crack. Also stay away from the bending points of the shoe, with the paint.
Some techniques suggest the use of a fabric medium to get the paint to ahear better, but I've been told it's not needed. And, as I've experienced the paint won't come out of clothing.
5. Let the paint dry.
6. Spray with glitter spray and let dry overnight
7. Glue on bling
8. Add laces

Enjoy your shoes! My daughter wore her's all day, climbing around, without one crystal falling off.
I'm currently hunting for other canvas styles to bring some bling. If anyone knows of a source for ballet flat or mary jane styles in youth sizes, please tell me. I have found sources for those up to size 10 toddler. I'll share my source if you want it.

I'll keep you all posted about their durability. Although the worst that could happen is some crystals come off and need re-glued, or a touch up on the toe paint. I'm sure the paint on the canvas will do great.

Happy Sewing! or blinging in this case, lol


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