Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower Power!

I've had some wonderful fabric swatches for a few weeks. Just small pieces, nothing to lay a pattern piece on. I'm certain a quilter would have known just what to do. But, a quilter I am not. At least not until today. My daughter calls this dress her quilt dress. And she loves it.
The fabric swatches were given to me by a dear friend and fabric designer, Jennifer Paganelli. You probably remember me mentioning her before. I simply love the lively and vibrant patterns she puts into her fabrics. They are so suited for my little girl, and me too. I'm planning to get my hands on some pieces for myself very soon. You can see more of Jennifer's fabric designs at her website and blog . You can see some of the fabrics in use in items in her website shop. Also, make sure to browse her blog and look, in the photos, at all of the ways her fabrics are used.

By the way, if you just love her fabrics and want some for yourself. You are welcome to email me. I just may be able to get some for you. This week, Lord willing, I will become an online retailer for Free Spirit Fabrics, the company that manufactures Jennifer's Designs. We're starting small. At this point, I'm planning to collect "wishlists" from others and then place my orders when we get enough requests for a particular fabric pattern.

Oh, and yes, this pattern will come up before summer gets here.


  1. Hi Debbie!
    I love your site! This is right down my alley! :) I'll be sure to check back here often! By the way, your kids are adorable! We are now certified foster parents. Nothing has happened here yet. It's been a long process! Keep us in your prayers!

    Here is the website to get free web designs:
    There are some awesome backgrounds!


  2. I alsow wanted to give you my personal blogspot.


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