Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter: Free: t-shirt Dress Tutorial

Happy Easter Everyone!!!! Praise God for His goodness and for giving us His son. Without Him there would be no hope. With Him our hope can be eternal.
At our house, we give small gifts for Easter. So I'm going to give each of you and anyone else you'd like to send this way a small gift also.
How to make a T-shirt dress.
Vary this any way you want, but here are the basics.
Measure your child/or yourself:
A-Top of shoulder to intended waistline (empire if you want)+1/2" for seam
B-Intended waistline to length of dress+1" for seam and hem.
C-The bottom width of your favorite dress + 1/2" for seam---or at least 1 1/2 times the width of the shirt.
Cut shirt off using measurement A.
Cut a rectangular piece of fabric the length of B and the width of C.
Press up the bottom edge of the fabric 1/4" towards the wrong side. Press up 1/4" more to create what will become the hem.
Fold skirt fabric right sides together, matching up short sides to sew the side seam. Open hem edge and stitch the entire side seam, backtack (knot) at both ends. Zig zag the edge of the seam so it doesn't fray.
Fold up bottom edge pressed earlier for hem. Stitch along the top edge of the hem and knot ends.
Stitch a gathering/basting stitch along the top edge of the skirt using the largest stitch length on your not knot.
With right side of shirt facing right side of skirt, match up bottom edge of shirt and top edge of skirt, pin shirt to skirt at the seam and 1/2 way around.
Pull top gathering threads to gather up skirt to match the width of the shirt and pin securely.
Sew skirt to shirt, smoothing gathers and removing pins as you go. Watch to keep the shirt smooth so it doesn't get puckered as you sew also...go slow. If using a knit shirt...puckers happen quite easily. Check for any puckers that may have happened and fix them. Then zigzag the edge so it doesn't ravel.'re done!
Share pictures of your completed creations please and share this gift with your friends.
Three-tiered skirt coming next week. It's almost finished.
Have a very Happy Easter!!!!!


  1. I made one of these as a Christmas gift for one of my girls. You are right about how easily it is for t-shirt material to pucker! I am happy how it turned out though! Very easy.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I wasn't sure if you had seen my comment the other day about the Peasant dress being used to make a T-shirt dress so have been looking around on the internet for ideas. I had the T-shirts and went and bought the material and got some great advice from the ladies at Hobby Lobby on how to do my first project. I will read your post when it is time to work on the dresses to guide me thru. Thanks again for posting!


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