Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Dress

It's done! And, it didn't need buttons or a zipper. I just used a keyhole opening in the back with loop and button closure. So you'll all be off the hook for the button holes or zipper lesson, when this pattern comes out.
Another cool thing about this dress is that it can have a zipper in the back, it can be turned around and have an open front with buttons and button holes down the front. This is the same pattern as the pink and white check dress with the white petticoat, and the pink w/hearts dress. You can see them in our "Look What We Make" link. Except those two have shoulder seams and I've taken those out with this one. It now has one piece for the top and one piece for the skirt, although this one is double layered. Oh, how I love options!
For a extra special touch, I used a little flower trim at the waistline. You can hardly see it in the picture. And the top fabric has a bit of a texture/design to it. My little girl will wear a white cartigan with it for Easter, which is why it's sleeveless. She doesn't like short sleeves bunching into her sweaters. It's ok with me sleeveless is quicker anyway.
This pattern will be a while in coming. I'll be writing the three tiered skirt first, then the ribbons and bows jumper. After those are complete, I can write the pattern for this dress.


  1. Beautiful dress and I'm excited for when you do get the pattern written. I like the idea of a one piece top!
    I just spent the week with my mom making dresses for my girls. She did the top and I did the bottom because I have a really hard time with tops for some reason!

  2. I love the dress and definitely want to make some for my girls but I have some new and old t-shirts that I would love to make into dresses. Can this pattern (Peasant Dress) be used to make a t-shirt dress? (remember I'm a beginner sewer)

  3. Thanks. The answer to your question "can you make peasant dresses out of t-shirts is "yes". But, knit is very hard to work with. For me, it tends to pucker easily.
    Are the t-shirts child or adult. If they are child, I can tell you how to attach a skirt to them and turn them into dresses that way.


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