Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tute: Valentine's Skirt

I love making a little outfit for Valentine's Day for my girl.  Last week we saw a doll skirt tutorial on craft gossip and were inspired to make something similar girl sized. We added the appliqued t-shirt and petticoat  for the extra special touch to the outfit.  The pictures are from the doll sized version I made.

1 yd. of fabric for this skirt (smaller child=less yardage)
Elastic for waist
Sewing supplies
Tulle Petticoat:  See this tutorial


1. Figure skirt dimensions:
Waist x 4  Ours was 84.  I used the entire width of the fabric to make it easy.
And desired length of the skirt (Our's was 16) + 1 3/4" for the hem and casing.
Doll: Waist 11" Length 5"  Rectangle to cut: 44"x 6 3/4  To make cutting easy on me, I cut a full 45" strip at 7".
2. Cut your fabric into a rectangle to fit your calculated dimensions.  Our skirt took two rectangles.

3. Turn top edge under (toward the wrong side) 1/4" and another 1" and press to form a casing for the elastic. Turn the bottom edge of the skirt up 1/4" and another 1/4" and press to form a hem.

4. Sew the two (most skirts will need two for fullness) rectangles into a big circle by stitching both sets of short sides together. (Right sides together)

5.  Stitch along the bottom edge of the folded casing.  Leave open a 1 1/2" space for threading the elastic later. (Stitch on the wrong side of the skirt.)

6. Stitch along the top edge of the folded hem area. (Stitch on the wrong side of the skirt.)

7. Thread the elastic through the casing.  Overlap the elastic ends and stitch them together.  Tuck them inside the casing.  Stitch closed the casing hole.

Enjoy your skirt. It has amazing twirl factor with it's fullness.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie and Allison

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