Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: Lace Cuffs

 Lace cuffs are such a fun accessory and easy to make.  Dress up a top or a pair of socks, or both.  You can change the look of an outfit with these simple to make little cuffs.  The lace we used was a bit on the stiff side.  Softer laces will make a more dainty look.

Measurements:  Ankle (as pictured), arm (just above wrist), leg (where the knee highs end)

2 pieces of 5" wide lace 2 times the length of the ankle measurement
2 pieces of 1" wide ribbon trim 2 times the length of the ankle measurement
2 pieces of 3/8" elastic with good stretch.  The elastic at maximum stretch needs to be the length of the ankle measurement.  At minimal stretch it needs to be near to the wrist measurement.
With these measurements you'll have a pair of cuffs that will fit either the leg or wrist of most children.
Sewing machine and sewing supplies
Safety pin

 1. With right sides together stitch the short ends of one piece of lace together to make a circle. Knot at the start and end of the seam.  Repeat for second cuff.

 2. Lay the ribbon 1/2" from the top edge of the cuff.  Stitch it to the wrong side of the cuff all the way around the cuff.  Stitch as near to the ribbon edge as you can.  Stop about 2" from the starting point and look at step 3.

 3. As you near the beginning point turn under the raw edge of the ribbon.

 4. Lay the turned under edge down so that it barely overlaps the beginning point.  Finish the seam.

 5. Stitch down the other edge of the ribbon to form the casing for the elastic.

 6. Thread through the elastic.  Stitch both ends of the elastic together.  Tuck them into the casing.

 7. Stitch the casing hole closed.  Repeat for cuff number 2.

Beautiful lace cuffs to dress up any top or pair of knee socks...or both.
Happy Sewing!

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