Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Christmas Dress: Miss Molly

This Miss Molly would make the perfect dress for Christmas.  The original Miss Molly has ruffle embellishments at the neckline and waist and a bottom ruffle.  Trade the ruffles for a lovely satin sash and tulle underskirt and you have an entirely new and more formal look.  Allison and I had a wonderful time making this dress together.  It's the first sewing project in a long time we did as a team.  We used five buttons and loop elastic down the back to make it easy to get into.  The Miss Molly pattern requires just one button/loop set.
Since the sash, underskirt, and even the pink flower (fastens on with snaps) in the headband are all removable, the color combination of this dress is easy to change.  Allison is wearing this color combination to a wedding at the end of November.  She'll wear a red sash, underskirt, and flower with Miss Molly for Christmas.  We also have a black velvet bolero if it's cold.
You can purchase your Miss Molly pattern in the pattern Shop in the right-hand column.
Happy Sewing!
Debbie and Allison

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