Monday, September 10, 2012

Join the team?

 We would love to add to our testing team.  Would you like to test the updates for this well loved pattern?  We've added printable bodice pattern pieces and a skirt cutting guide for sizes 2-8.
 Email me at  Tell me a bit about what you like to sew.  Are you a sew every day for years or a just beginning? Do you sew a lot or mostly for special occasions?  Do you prefer patterns from the big 4 (store) or the independent or pdf world?

We have several other patterns with updates coming up....dresses and skirts!


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  1. Me..pick me...e-mail sent was so excited I probably missed half the info you asked have you been all my life..your patterns are adorable...the prices are VERY reasonable...I NEED...want SEW would love to be part of your team!


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