Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: Vintage Flower Headband

 This week we are sharing with you another inspiration from Persnickety clothing, a vintage looking headband created with wrapped flowers and lace.

 Fabric/lace scrap strips for the flowers (The longer/wider the strip the larger the flower.)
Glue gun and or needle and thread
Lace or ribbon strip to match the circumference of the head
Pony band
Beads or buttons for flower centers

 1. Tie a knot at one end of the strip.

 2. Twist and wrap the strip around the knot.  Glue or stitch every little bit to hold the flower together.

 3. Continue twisting the strip and wrapping (and gluing) it until you get the size of flower you want.

4. Glue/stitch the end of the strip to the back side of the flower, out of sight.  Trim the ends if needed.
 5. Add the center embellishment.  (stitch or glue)  At this point you can add any fastener to the back you'd like.  This can be a broach, hair clip...anything.

Our flowers for this headband.

 6.  Prepare a headband.  See our tutorial here. The tutorial shows the headband stitched, but I glued this one. Lay the flowers out in the arrangement you'd like.  Stitch or glue them to the headband.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie and Curly


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