Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: Flower Belt

Yesterday, Curly and I were looking at Persnickety's Spring and Summer line.  She saw an adorable flower belt, and decided it would be a perfect accessory for her 4-H skirt.  As usual many colors would be used.  She and I worked together to bring you the Flower Belt tutorial.

Her drawing
Belt Fabrics: 
    2 pieces 5" by 40" ea. (for a 20" waist and a simply knot tie)
Flower Pieces:
    13 rectangles 3" by 5"
Circle of felt to cover the back side raw edge
Something for your center (We used part of a silk daisy and an earring piece.)
Sewing machine and supplies
Glue gun
Hand sewing needle and thread


 1. Stitch the two belt pieces together (short edges) to form a circle. Press flat.

 2. With wrong sides together, meet the belt seams together and stitch around the outside.  Leave a 3" opening for turning it right side out.  Begin and end at the seam.

 2. Turn belt right side out.  Press flat so that the edge seams are on the edges.

 3.  Fold opening raw edges inside, press and stitch closed.  This stitch will be hidden under the flower.

1. Chain Stitch short edges together to make one long multi-pieced strip.

 2. Narrow hem or zigzag edge.  A zigzagged edge will allow a bit of fray.

 3. Gather raw edge.

 4. Pull up thread to tighten gathers, and wind the flower strip around until you get the look you like.

 5. Hand stitch layers together in the center.

 6. Hand stitch down circle of felt to cover raw edges.

7. Hot glue (or stitch) on center.

 8. Secure the flower to the belt.  We used a safety pin so that the flower can be multi-purposed.

Happy Sewing!


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