Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial: Winter Accessory Round-up

Winter has arrived!  We even have a little bit of snow.  It's been a warm beginning of winter for us so far. But, the need for hats, mittens, and scarves has come.  Winter accessories can be expensive, and get lost so very easily.  With these tutorials, you can make your own.  I made those pictured three years ago.  It's amazing...we still have them.  I'm guessing that since the children chose the fabric and their hat design, they watch over these much better.  We've many more and now always have a dry pair to slip on.  The children are now expert scarf and mitten makers.  They each made a pair for the mitten tree at the library this year.
It takes about 1/2 yard of fleece to make a scarf, hat, and mittens.  We also use thrifted wool sweaters (washed and dried 3 times in hot to "felt" them), and thrifted fleece scarves and blankets.  Thrifted is less expensive than by the yard most often.  I have a red thrifted fleece adult cape that I bought three years ago for .99 cents.  We're still cutting from it. ;)
The mitten tutorial suggests lining with knit.  I've done that with 2 pair each.  Other than that we just use the fleece layer.  They do get wet quickly, but it's easier to make several pair of one layer.  We always make the long cuff version.
Simple Mitten Tutorial
Long Cuff Mitten Tutorial
Hat and Scarf Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

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