Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tute: Upcycle Bracelet

 Inspired by a similar bracelet from Pinterest, I made this little thing from items found in my jewelry box and craft boxes.  Take a couple of unused necklaces, lace, and beads and you've got a new bracelet.  I left the necklaces whole, just in case I'd rather have the necklace instead of the bracelet again.

Bracelet: (each 8" in length (mine) or your bracelet circumference + 2")
Lace or Ribbon long enough to create a bow. (mine 18")
In my case I used a 15" pearl necklace and 15" gold chain.  These were doubled in the bracelet.


 1. Tie all of your bracelet strands together at one end with wire, ribbon, or thread.

 2. Slip the bow ribbon/lace through the tied end.

 3. Tie the tied end to hang it up.  I used the post of a kitchen chair.

 4. Braid tightly.

 5. Tie remaining end together.

6. Slip bow lace/ribbon through and tie it into a nice bow.  It's ready to wear!

Happy Sewing!  (well, crafting this week)

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