Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Sunscreen Stain Removal!!

I've been searching for years for a way to get the awful yellow stains out of our white clothes that were left behind from spray sunscreen.  I'd tried every possible laundry stain remover I could find, including bleach.  I love the ease of application of the stuff, but the stains it leaves behind make me so angry.  This year I thought I had found a way to avoid the stains.  I'd sunscreen the children before they got dressed.  But, it still found a way to get me.  I'd made Curly an outfit this spring that had a white shirt in it. She wore the shirt and it went into the wash.  All was well....no.  It came out of the washer with a huge, bright yellow/orange stain around the neckline and all over one shoulder.  This sunscreen had made be angry before, but until now, it had only stained ready to wear, nothing I made.  This was the last straw.  This stain had to come out!!!!!  After some time on google I found a possible solution.
Sunscreen stains happen in the washer when rust (I didn't know I had rust in my water, no orange anywhere else), clings to the sunscreen residue.  Rust remover was the only answer.  The shirt was "ruined" anyway, so why not try the stuff.  I found iron out in the laundry section.  And,...

Sunscreen stained white clothing
Iron removing cleaner (I used Super Iron Out.)
  *****Well Venilated Area***** This stuff will choke you.  Don't breathe it!!!!
Disposable gloves
Bucket/or dish pan for cleaning the garment in.

I'm sorry I have no pictures.  Writing a tutorial about this didn't come to mind until after the stain had been removed.
1. Wet garment with hot water.
2. Put an inch or so of hot water into the container.
3. Lay the garment so the stain is easy to get to into the container.
4. Put a layer of iron remover onto the stain. (stay back and don't breathe it!)
It will bubble up white foam with bits of orange (the rust coming up).
5. Rinse and repeat until the garment is white again.

I don't like using chemical things.  And, for most things I'd leave the stain rather than use this method.  But, for the occassional special item, it's nice to know there is a way to get the stain out!
Since the children are older and easier to sunscreen, we'll be using the old fashioned kind next year.

Happy Sewing!

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