Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Ruffle Shorts

 Inspired by these (above) at Chasing Fireflies and Matilda Jane, we used our Cute and Quick Pants Pattern to create these (below).

We used a single ruffle and made them out of knit. But with the following tutorial you can make as many ruffles as you'd like and use knit, tulle, or woven. (You'll need to finish the raw edges if using a woven though.)

Shorts Pattern
Fabric for the shorts + 4" for the ruffle strips (single ruffle)
Low tack tape such as painters or masking tape


 1. Cut out the shorts (left and right leg shown) and ruffle strips.
The ruffle strips are 1 1/2 times the leg opening in width and 2" in length, each.

 2.  Gather the ruffle strips.  We use our machine to gather.  Set the top tension at a higher than normal number (the dial near the top, probably set on 4 or 5 normally).  Set the stitch length at the longest length.
Leave a long starting tail.  Do not knot. Sew the gathering stitch with your presser foot along the raw edge.  Do not knot.  Leave a long ending tail.

 3.  Lay one leg of the shorts flat out.  Tape down one of the bottom leg corners.
Lay the ruffle on top and tape it down (above). 
Adjust the ruffle to the same length as the shorts leg.  (below)
Remove tape, and do the same for the second leg.

 4. Sew ruffle into a circle.  With right sides together fold ruffle strip in half and stitch the raw edges together to create a circle.  Repeat for the second ruffle.

5. Sew the shorts together following your pattern directions.

6. Match the ruffle seam up to the shorts inseam.  Lay the ruffle on top of the bottom edge of the shorts leg.  The gathering stitch will be about 1/4" to 1/2" from the shorts edge. (above)
The ruffle circle should fit the pant leg with minor adjustments in the gathers, if any. 
Stitch the ruffle on by sewing on top of the gathering stitch and regularly checking to be sure the ruffle is sitting in the proper spot on top of the shorts leg. (below)
Repeat for the other leg.
If you want a second row of ruffles, simply place the second ruffles at a good spot above the first one and repeat this step.

 7. Your shorts are done and sure to be loved this summer.

Happy Sewing!!!

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