Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Knit Headband

When in a hurry last week to create a matching hair accessory for a knit outfit, we discovered the embellished knit headband. In all honestly we came upon this by accident. I made my Curly a pair of shorts that were a bit too long. When I cut off the leg by about 3", the cut piece looked like it would make a nice headband. And, it did! After adding a little embellishment, we had a perfect hair accessory for our outfit.
These are so easy, and you needn't start with a pair of shorts to get it. ;) You can embellish them any way you'd like, a fabric flower maybe, lettuce the edges, or leave them plain. For this tutorial we made a simple tulle flower with a button center.
Knit edges do roll. But ours look fine on.

Knit fabric with good cross grain stretch. We use cotton lycra with a 40% cross grain stretch.
Sewing supplies


1. Cut a knit strip 3" by 18" across the grain (or across the natural fold of the fabric where the most stretch is). This fits my 6 yr. old and myself. You may want to measure the head it's intended for and subtract 2". Knit stretch does vary from knit to knit.
Match short end right sides together. Stitch across the short end a couple of times to make sure it's secure. Now you have the headband.

2. Cut a piece of tulle 2 ft. by the width you'd like your flower. Ours, a large flower is 4" wide.
Gather one (long) edge. Pull tight and tie into a circle.

3. Make sure your headband seam will be under the hair. Attach the flower to the headband and top with a button.

Please share your headband creations in our flickr group (left hand column)! Lets all learn from one another.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I just love your creation. Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to try this tutorial and make some for my niece.


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