Monday, August 2, 2010

A Peek and a ?

Enjoy this little peek at Miss Molly. She should be ready for you within the week.
I hope you all are having a joyful time sewing up your new SquigglyTwigs patterns. If you need any help at all please email me. I'm here to assist you or clarify any thing. Please do us all a favor and share photos of your completed creations in our flickr group. The link and instructions for joining are in the left-hand column.
Thank you all so much for celebrating my birthday with me. The sale was lots of fun. Honestly, it was so sucessfull, I'm wondering if my prices are too high to start with. Many of you left comments of sent emails to tell me that this sale made our patterns finally affordable for you. Our mission is to get people sewing again. If our patterns are priced out of reach for families, then our mission fails. Whether we sell one $6 pattern or six $1 patterns a week the end monetary result is the same. We'd rather have six patterns in use than one, though.
So....I'm hoping you'll tell me. Is $6 too high, or just right? If it's not just right, what would you like to see the patterns priced at and why??? I priced them based on the prices of other similar patterns sold on the internet, but I can always change. As I said earlier, our mission is to get sewing going again and help families create wonderful clothing in their own home, at a reasonable price. Leave me a comment and help me serve you all the best I can.
Happy Sewing!

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