Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fundraising for a special friend!

Another pattern designer is sharing this graphic.
Final Update:  Thank you so much for supporting our friends in their time of need by purchasing from SquigglyTwigs Designs.  We were able to send a total of $103 dollars to them.  That's a lot of .99 pattern sales.

Update: This is our last week for the Fundraising sale.  Our friends are back in their home and getting settled.  We are praising the Lord with them for protection and restoration. Final sales update will be posted after April 4th.

Update: They are in a rental house through mid March.  Salvageable items are being moved into the rental house today.
We've sold enough patterns so far to send $25.  Keep spreading the word and enjoying our patterns.

A dear friend of mine and her family are going through a really, really tough time.  She's the designer behind The Handmade Dress.   The's been on bedrest for quite a while with her pregnancy.  And, made a trip to the hospital during their awful storm last week.  The baby and mama are fine.  But,
while they were all away and it was sooooo cold, pipes burst in the attic of their home flooding everything but one room.  It's a big mess.  Her husband returned home from the hospital for food and found water pouring from the front door.  They do have insurance, but it will be a while before that can come through.
In the meantime they are in temporary housing.  She's still on bed rest.  There's all sorts of wet stuff to sort through and there are 5 children to help settle.
All of this to say that they could use some help.  They are always the first ones to give and help others.  So,
I've placed all of our patterns on sale at .99 each in our Craftsy shop.  All of the proceeds will go to them.  This will continue until they are back on their feet.  You'll find the Craftsy shop link in the right margin of this post. Or, follow this link.
I can't be there, I'm in Ohio and she's in Alabama, to help care and sort and clean...but I can give.   If you aren't interested in patterns check our facebook page for another way to give.


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  1. I'll be praying for your friend. It's so comforting, I'm sure, for her to have such a sweet friend in you!


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