Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introducing AllyMae Originals

Allison has started a doll business.  She is offering food, clothing, furniture, toys, and horse equipment.  
The food, shoes, and toys are from Sophia's Doll Company.  Sophia's clothing, dolls, and furniture is available for special order.
We've custom created a few dolls for Allison over the years. So she has decided to offer the opportunity to custom create your own doll by choosing a doll and a wig from the selections and she'll make it for you. 
Allison has started her own line of doll related things from one of a kind or limited edition clothing to horse accessories.  The name of this line is AllyMae Originals.  Our online friend Ariel Winters created her logo and facebook cover from Allison's ideas. 
Each of the different parts of her business are represented in a photo album in her facebook group. You will find them by joining the group and then clicking on the Photos tab, then clicking on the appropriate album.  If you are not already part of her facebook group "My Favorite Things: Everything 18" Doll, please join in.

Below are a few examples of the AllyMae Originals currently available in her store.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie (one proud mama)

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