Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial: Curly's Bandanna Apron

During a play date a few weeks ago, Curly and a friend were playing restaurant in her kitchen.  She could only find one apron and "needed" two.  With the sewing machine and a few supplies nearby, she solved her problem.  I heard the sewing machine going in the next room and got a bit nervous.  She was making an apron..."real quick".  And, quick it was.  Within 5 minutes she had a second apron and the restaurant play continued.  She's been asking me to allow her to prepare a tutorial for you all.
The Bandanna Apron project is perfect for a first sewing experience.

Ribbon (length of waist plus tie)
Sewing supplies
Safety pin

 1.  Create the casing: Fold over one edge of the bandanna enough to fit your ribbon through later.
Sew with your presser foot along the hemmed edge. Knot (or backtack) at the start and finish of this seam. Backtack is the term for going forward and back a couple of times to "knot" your seam.  Casing: is the term used for a folded space to thread something through.

 2.  Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length to go around the waist and tie.  Seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying apart.  We (I, Debbie) use a flame to seal ours.  Pin a safety pin to one end and thread the ribbon through the casing.

3. Tie the apron onto the wearer and enjoy!!!!!

Curly has made a few of these and is now adding pockets, "towels", and trims....have fun!

Happy Sewing!


  1. You are a very creative young lady! Instead of asking your mom to buy you another apron, or make it for you, you took the initiative! I'm sure she's extremely proud of you!

  2. On the spot creativity...love it and I'm going to make one too!


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