Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiration for our Casey Skirt

  1. Photo
    From Persnickety Clothing
    This skirt is from the Persnickety Clothing line.  I love their designs and find much inspiration from them.  If you want to buy Persnickety, you can find their clothing line available at many boutique locations and online. 
    Our Casey Skirt e-pattern would make this skirt beautifully.  Use the solid middle tier option in the pattern and add lace to the bottom with only one row of ruffle trim.  
    Our regular Tuesday's Tute schedule will return next Tuesday.  Curly has an apron tutorial to share.  Here's a hint.  It uses a bandanna and ribbon, but it doesn't go on your head.  
    Watch for Curly to reveal her 4H project later this week.  She's so excited and proud of her work.  The hardest part is not being able to wear it until after the fair. ;)  I'm quite proud of her also.  She's working this week on the finishing touches to her project book.  The book involves learning a lot of traditional sewing terms...definitely a new thing for both of us. 
    Happy Sewing!

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