Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pattern Feature: Easy Knit Dress/Top

This little pattern is our go to for any item make with a t-shirt style.  Curly drew a picture of this dress, with long sleeves, this winter.  She didn't need any more clothing at the time.  She does need clothing for spring/summer.  I surprised her early this week with "her" dress.  She had planned to make it, but was greatly surprised by my interpretation of her dress drawing.  Her words were: Wow Mom!  That's awesome.  How did you do that? (referring to the applique details).  It's not often I get to completely surprise her with something sewn.  It's nice to pull of an "awesome" now and again.
I'll write the about the applique details as the Tuesday's Tute next Tuesday.
You can purchase the Fun and Easy Knit Dress/Top pattern in the right-hand column of the blog, or read more about it here, first.
Happy Sewing!

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