Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Upcycled Tie for a Little Guy

I have a little guy who likes to dress up.  He also likes to dress like daddy.  He doesn't like the clip on ties available for little guys.  I'm not sure how to put those onto a shirt comfortably, but the clip always seems to poke my little guy in the neck.  We have found a few that velcro around the neck, but those are expensive and harder to find. 
Since my guy likes to dress like daddy we thought, why not find a way to use daddy sized ties and make one little guy sized, that ties like a daddy tie, too.
After some extensive googling and a few tries, here's our result. The ties were purchased at the thrift store for $1 ea.  A happy little guy who feels really big.  And, the option to buy matching ties for both of my guys.  

Men's tie
Sewing supplies
Measuring tape
Little boy tie for sizing
Hand sewing needle and thread.


1. Lay little guy tie onto daddy tie in the spot that the little guy's larger end fits nicely into the daddy tie larger end. (as pictured)

 2. Cut daddy tie 1/2" from the measured spot above.

 3. Add 10" (for the knot) to the small end of the little guy tie. Cut.

 4. Carefully cut lining piece out of cut off large end.

 5. Snip threads that hold the back of the tie closed until you can open it up flat.

6. Cut the large end of the tie to match the triangle of the lining.

 7. Snip off the padding piece so you have enough room for seam allowances.

8.  Sew lining to tie, right sides together.  Snip off the point to enable a nice point after the tie is turned right side out.

9. Turn right side out and press.  Make sure lining is not showing in the front.

 10. Tuck in padding.

 11.  Fold sides back into place.  Press.  Hand stitch closed.

12.  Tuck small end inside and stitch.  Or repeat the point steps from the larger end.

Tie this little guy tie just like a big guy's tie.

Happy Sewing!

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