Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Downsize A Neckline: Shirr

 What to do when you have a daughter who needs clothing and some tunics that haven't sold?  Downsize a tunic or two.  This dress was a women's medium sized tunic with three-quarter length sleeves.  I used one of her dresses as a template for the downsizing. I cut down the sides and under the arms, similar to the process I used when I upcycled the brown dress for me this summer.  I also cut off the sleeve.  Since this dress is knit, no sleeve treatment was needed. 
After this work, we still had a problem.  The neckline was much too big, but too sweet to cut into.  The keyhole and ribbon trim were precious.  The solution...shirr it.  Take a look at our shirring tutorial for detailed shirr instructions. I used two rows of shirring to bring this neckline up nicely.

 The finished neckline.

A close up of shirring.

Now she has a wonderful fitting dress in one of her favorite colors.  We'll be able to use this dress year round by layering a long sleeved t-shirt under or cardigan over with leggings.

Happy Sewing!

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