Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Pretty Enough to....Wear..... or....... Eat!

 Chunky necklaces were the in thing in the 80s, and like many other 80s styles, they're back.  I found a fun craft while searching the internet that made these cute necklaces from gumballs.  I didn't want mine to be edible, so I tried spraying them with acrylic.  It worked.  They are now beads that are the size of gumballs....not gumballs.  Of course, if you want them to be edible, simply skip the spray step.

Gumballs  Our's came from Party City and were 2.99 for an 8oz. pkg. with about 18 gumballs.
                 My neighbor says some convenience stores also sell gumballs for less.
Ribbon or Lace  A length long enough to string, knot, and tie a bow.
Drill and bit (washed if you are eating them)
Large eyed needle
Acrylic spray
Clear Fingernail polish

 1. Spray gumballs with acrylic spray. Let dry and repeat. More light coats work better than less heavy coats.  I sprayed outside on an old cookie sheet I use for crafting.  While spraying I gently rolled the gumballs around on the tray by tilting the tray.  Make sure to keep gumballs from touching each other or anything else while drying (except the tray).
I should have used something without the paint splatter.  Some of the paint splatter came off on the gumballs.
 2. Drill a hole through the gumball.  I used an 1/8" bit for smaller ribbons and moved up from there until the larger ribbons fit through without cracking the gumball. **Wash and dry the drill bits after use.**

3. Thread the ribbon through the embroidery needle and string a gumball.

 4.  String a gumball, tie a knot, string a gumball, tie a knot....
If you happen to crack a gumball while you are drilling or stringing, you can brush a bit of clear fingernail polish over the area after stringing it.  I cracked a couple near the hole when I forced the ribbon through a too small hole a couple of times.

5. When you have the number of gumballs you'd like on your necklace, tie a pretty bow, and you have a necklace.  You can keep the gumball part a secret or tell all your friends.  It all depends if you want them to know you're wearing a gumball necklace ;).  Maybe you do want them to know....how clever and crafty you are.

Happy Sewing!
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  1. I love those big chunky necklaces and bracelets. This is one trend we should bring back and you did a FAB job. Sooo cute!!!
    Following you now. I am having a giveaway on my blog right now.
    Come enter! I am following you now.


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