Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Brand "New" Shoes with Paint

We started with this shoe.

And created this shoe.
You are probably wondering, "Paint shoes...why?".  Well why not.  You want one color and have a pair that fits in another color...why not paint them.  It's less expensive than buying them, and you're assured to get the color or look you want.  In our case, we had a failed painting experience with the first pair early this summer.  They sat in the "what to do with this" bin all summer.  Curly wanted purple glitter chucks, but didn't need them.  I didn't need to spend time and money buying them.  I remembered the shoes in the "bin" and reading about painting shoes a while back.  Curly now has purple glitter shoes and all it cost me was about an hour (off and on).  We already had the shoes, glitter spray, purple paint, and fabric medium in our stash.  One of the best more shoes in the "what to do with this" bin. :)


Masking tape
Fabric Paint or Acrylic Paint and Fabric Medium-we used 1/2 bottle of acrylic and about 1" of our large bottle of fabric medium to do 4 coats of paint.  We needed extra coats to cover the bright shoe color and previous paint.
Glitter Spray for fabric

Directions:  I'm sorry I didn't get in process pictures.  I got into the project and forgot to take pictures.  I think you'll be fine without them though.

1. Mask off all white parts of the shoes.
2. Prepare paint according to the directions on the fabric medium bottle. (if you need to mix it)
3. Apply paint to the shoe with a piece of sponge.  Sponge gives a nice even coat without brush lines.
4. Let dry (somewhat) and add another coat.  Repeat as necessary.
5.  ***while the last coat is still wet spray with the glitter spray.*** It helps the glitter blend in to spray while the paint is wet. If you find you need another coat of paint after the shoes are dry, you can paint and glitter again.
6. After the shoes are dry, carefully remove the masking tape, lace and wear.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Love this idea for my grown- up Keds...they are looking a little sorry.


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