Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Ruched Top (sewing machine not necessary)

Thank you all for praying for me the past few weeks while I allowed my back to recover.  I'm better, but not whole.  The doctors are still working on the "Debbie" puzzle.  But, I can sew a bit, play a bit, and do some of the mommy like things I enjoy.  I even found a way to pick green beans without involving my back muscles.  I'm still quite limited and won't be able to write weekly, but will post tutorials as my muscles allow.  Your continued prayers for wisdom for those on my health case are much appreciated.  And, prayers for me as I begin a grain free, dairy free diet to decrease inflammation in my body and reset my blood from all of toxins that I seem to have collected.  I'm a bit nervous, but hopeful and willing to try anything to feel like myself again.
Now on with the Tutorial....

 I just love ruching, or vertical gathers.  Sometimes it's done with a cord inserted into a channel or elastic, but I've started doing by running a simple gathering stitch knoted at both ends.  As long as the vertical seam isn't going to have much tugging (to break the thread), this method is quick and cute.  Best of all a gather stitch can be sewn by hand, no machine needed.
Ruching is a great way to add vertical and horizontal interest to anything, pants, shorts, skirts, and, of course shirts.  This top was a bit long so I ruched the sides to shorten it a bit and give it a bit of pizzaz....and hide a less than interesting waistline. ;)

A close up of the ruching.

Materials: Garment to ruche
Sewing machine/needle and thread


1. Starting at the bottom, backstitch and sew a gathering stitch as high as you'd like.  Pull up gathering stitches.  Pull right side thread through to the wrong side and tie several knots.

Have fun ruching.  I think I'm going to try a snake like pattern on the front of a top...hmmmm.  It's so wonderful to be back!!!!!!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Debbie, I met you at the cincinnati show in June.
    If you need moral support going gluten and dairy free, contact me. Carol--cty@fuse.net

  2. Cute! I love the ruched look and this would definitely add some cuteness factor to tops. I wonder how it would work with elastic thread. Good luck on going grain and dairy-free. I did that for about 9 months and have a bunch of recipes and also a good list of blogs I watched for recipes. Feel free to email me. I hope you keep getting better.


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