Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Dress For Me: Upcycle

 I found this dress at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for $2.  It was much too large for me, but was a lovely, light and drapey fabric with beautiful lace and beaded trim.  I've learned that light weight dresses are great ballpark attire.  I know it may sound silly to wear a dress to the ballpark, but it's quite nice to have a free waistline and a breeze up the skirt on a really hot and steamy day.  And, I won't wear shorts!!!
It's very easy to upcycle a dress.  I used my Fun and Easy Knit Top Pattern to cut the bodice down and my hip measurement to make sure the skirt would fit nicely on my hips.

Too Large Dress
Sewing Supplies

1. Try on the dress.  Determine if you like how the neckline fits.  The neckline fit great on me.  I simply needed to downsize the sleeve and body width.
2. Follow this tutorial.  Lay the pattern on the dress so that you cut off where it needs cut down.  (I laid my pattern on this dress at the shoulder seam and did not change the neckline or remove the sleeve.  I shortened the sleeves, and cut the underarm of the sleeve and down the side to fit the pattern width and hip measurement.  I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of my pattern on the dress for you.

I used the trim from the sleeve cuffs to create a headband.  I'll get pictures and write that up for you another day.
Don't forget to take advantage of the .99 pattern sale to celebrate my birthday with me.  Details on the post below.
Happy Sewing!

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