Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Little Birdie

 We've had several birds nest around our home and yard this spring.  This past Saturday we were able to watch as two babies made their first flight.  It was truly an amazing experience.  Because of all of the bird watching these past few weeks, the children are very interested in anything bird related.  Therefore, Curly wanted a bird accessory....which makes a perfect Tuesday's Tute!  You can sew with a sewing machine, like we did, or hand sew, or use an adhesive.  Adjust the instructions and materials according to the method you choose.

Sewing supplies
Scrap fabrics large enough for the bird/wings pattern
Batting or scrap fleece (like ours)
Scrap for back tab
Adhesive to hold pieces together for sewing
Bird/Wing Pattern (two sizes included) pdf http://www.4shared.com/document/nOujSkvI/05-17-2011_095556AM.html  This is my first time using this service.  I hope it works for you.  Comment and let me know.


 1.  Cut pieces according to pattern. With wrong sides of your fabric together, lay your pattern onto the fabric and cut the pieces you need.  The pdf includes two bird sizes.  One, we made, is about 5" long.  The second is shorter and "chubbier".

 2. Trim batting so it's just a bit smaller than your fabric pieces.  This will keep the batting from showing when the bird is finished.
3. Sew Wings...sew Bird: (no picture...I'm sorry I forgot to take this one)  Sandwich the batting between two fabric pieces.  Stitch around each wing, near the edge, then through the inside to "quilt" it, and hold the batting. Do the same for the bird and "quilt" the tail area.  We used a contrasting metallic thread to give our bird a bit of "glitz".

 4. Place wings, one in the front and one in the back.  Stitch them to the bird, one small spot will do. 

5. Sew on the eye.  We used a pearl that we had on hand.  A small button, bead, or embroidery thread will work well.

 6.  Cut a piece of scrap to create a tab. A tab allows you to use a pin, headband, or hair clip with your bird. Hand sew each end of the tap to the back layer of the bird.  Make sure your stitches don't go all the way through.

We'll be making more of these little guys to complement our flower and bow collection.  I can see a small bird as the center of a boutique bow....  hmmm the possibilities.

Watch this week as our newest skirt pattern comes online.  I'm working on final edits today.
Happy Sewing!

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