Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Lace, ribbon, and a Flower....

Make this beautiful accessory with just a few found items.  We made two.  One is a hair clip and other is the pin, pictured, at the waist of my daughter's Easter Dress.

Liquid Starch
Curled Ribbon (click the link to see a tutorial on creating this)
Silk Flower  We took our silk flower from a hair clip purchased at Glitter.  The clip had two flowers on it.  One flower was used for each accessory.
Hot Glue or other quick drying glue
Paint Brush
Hair clip or Pin


1. Stiffen some of the lace with starch. (do not stiffen streamer lace) Lay the pieces of lace out flat on a towel.  Saturate the lace with liquid starch by brushing the liquid starch onto the lace.  Move lace pieces to a dry spot on the towel.  Allow lace to dry thoroughly.  Check for proper stiffness and repeat if necessary.  Lace should have stiffness similar to grossgrain ribbon and hold it's shape.

2. Take stiffened lace and create a figure 8, as pictured.

3. Continue arranging lace into the above shape to frame the upcoming flower.  Glue pieces into the center with a dab of quick drying glue.

4. Add streamers by gluing them into the center.

5. Place (do not glue yet)  flower into the center and check the arrangement.

6.  Put a circle of glue onto the back of the flower to keep it secure.  Place flower onto lace/ribbon arrangement. 

7. Add glue as necessary to hold lace, ribbons, and flower into place.

8.  Add the hair clip (as we did on this one) or pin. 

That's it!!!  They are beautiful and really easy to create.  Please share pictures with us via our flickr group or by email at squigglytwigsdesigns  at  yahoo  dot com.

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Happy Sewing!

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