Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: From Jewelry to Hair Pins

A couple of weeks ago I learned of a new jewelry store at our local mall.  The store's name is Glitter.  Almost everything in a Glitter store sells for $1.  This is a crafter's gold mine, especially when we love to repurpose things...inexpensively, and love hair accessories.  Glitter does sell hair accessories, but you can't beat making an original.  A week ago I visited the Glitter store, without children.  I'd never get any shopping done in this store with Curly's help.  She'd want to buy even more than I did.  I found multi-packs of cute earrings and several beautiful rings that would make some really pretty hair pins.  And from there a tutorial is born...

Wire cutters
Felt scraps
Quick drying glue (we used hot glue)
Hair pins  Ribbon wrapped alligator clips would make cute hair clips for little ones.


 This is what the jewelry looks like to start.

 1. Snip off both sides of the back of a ring.  It takes considerable pressure, but it will snip off.

 2. Snip off the back of the earring.  These snip off easily, but the post will sometimes fly.  We also snipped attachment rings off of dangling earrings with ease.

 3. Cut felt scraps to cover sharp areas and provide a nice bed in which to place the pin.

 4. Glue the felt into place.

 5. Glue the pin into place.  Be certain your pin is laying in the proper direction you want to place it in your hair when using jewelry with direction, like a butterfly.  Otherwise, the butterfly will fly upside down.

Finished Hair Pins!!!! 

Please send us pictures of your SquigglyTwigs creations or put them into our flickr group.  We love to see what our readers are doing with the ideas from our tutorials and patterns.
Speaking of patterns....you'll want to watch this week for Miss Maria.  Miss Maria was inspired by dresses we've seen online for some time.  And, made by Curly.
Coming up in a couple of weeks is Miss Elizabeth.  Miss Elizabeth was inspired by several dress clippings in Curly's sketch book.  And, made by me as a surprise for Curly for Easter. 
Two wonderful dresses just in time for Easter, a special event, or simply a fun new dress just in time for Spring!
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Happy Sewing!
Debbie @ SquigglyTwigs Designs

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