Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: Cooking Mudpies? Make a Mudpie Apron.

Last week we had a wonderfully warm week.  And, a little (wink) mud.  My children were quite busy cooking in the mud.  (Before aprons.)  At the end of their cooking day they were covered in mud.  So being the "kind" and helpful mama I am, I cleaned them up....with the hose.
The next day my daughter chose to cook again, without such a mess.  (I guess she didn't enjoy my clean up method, hehe.)  She asked me to make some "mud proof" aprons so that her clothes wouldn't get muddy.  Of course, my son wanted one also.  Using a cheap vinyl table cloth, two "mud proof" aprons are ready for use...when it's warm enough again.

Vinyl Table Cloth
Apron as a template
Sewing machine or needle and thread


1. Lay apron into the corner of the table cloth.  I made two at the same time by leaving the table cloth folded in half.

 2.  Cut around the body of the apron.

 3. Cut off two longer straps for tying the apron around the body.  And, one shorter strap for around the neck (make sure it's also long enough to go over the head after it's sewn).

4. Place the straps where you'd like them.  Pin.  Sew in place.

Your apron is finished.  You can finish the edges if you want with bias tape or ribbon, or even add some embellishment to the front.  Our aprons are meant for a messy, utilitarian purpose...no frills added, this time. Now they can make all the mud pies they want and stay a bit cleaner.  When they finish cooking, only the apron will get the hose, lol. 
I'll use the remaining piece of table cloth as a "wet grass mat".  What's that, you may wonder?  Put a vinyl table cloth on wet ground pretty side down as a picnic blanket and keep your bottom dry.  Or get fancy and sew two together wrong sides together.  No need for a "neat sheet".

While you're here visiting, make sure to see your newest e-pattern, Miss Elizabeth.  She's only $3 through Monday, and will make the perfect Easter dress and dolly dress, too.

Happy Sewing!

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