Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tute: A Sweater Flower

I recently upcycled some sweaters into a sweater tunic...for me.  Since I like hair accessories also, I used some of the scraps to make a little flower clip.  Within minutes...a hair clip to match my new sweater.  Add a pin to the back instead of a clip and have a broach.
Sweater scraps 
Pin or Hair Clip
Hand Sewing Supplies


1. Cut wavy circles of different sizes.  Sweater will fray.  If you don't want any fray, you can zigzag around the sweater to minimize the fray.  We like the frayed look.
2. Stack the circles and stitch them in the center with a few stitches.
3. Sew on a button.

4. Turn over your flower and sew or glue on your clip or pin.  We glued our clip on because we line the top portion of our hair clips with velvet ribbon to prevent the clip from slipping in the hair.  The velvet lining is glued in place and it's too hard to sew through the glue to sew on the clip.

Have fun with your sweater scraps, and share pictures with us via our flickr group.

Also, check the previous post and comment for a giveaway.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie @ SquigglyTwigs Designs

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