Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Easy Fabric Gift Bags

I know it's almost Christmas and many of you probably already have all your wrapping done. For those of you like me, who really don't like to wrap and are always looking for the quick way to accomplish the task and save money too, here's the wrapping option for you.

Fabric: Use table cloths, sheets, or purchased yardage...anything flat and large enough will do.
Ribbon for tying
Sewing Supplies


1. Cut fabric into squares or rectangles twice as wide as you want your bag to be. We made bags of several sizes to fit presents for many years to come.
2. Hem top edge. This bag came from a sheet and the top (sheet) hem was used, therefore I didn't need to hem this one.
3. Fold (right sides together) in half width wise.
4. Sew side and bottom seam. Zigzag raw edge to keep the edge from fraying.

6. Turn bag right side out and fill.

7. Add a pretty bow of some type and you've got a reuseable, heirloom gift bag to use for years.
You can add a small toy or hair accessory to the ribbon for an extra special touch. There are many tutorials on hair accessories on our blog. Feel free to "search" (in the left blog column) for those tutorials.
Our children chose fabric for their bags and we'll reuse them for many years to come always remembering the year we made these.
We'll be having a very special giveaway between Christmas and New Year! Keep watching.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Debbie, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing the how-to. I don't yet know how to use the sewing machine, but that is something I plan to learn in the new year. I'm bookmarking this tute. These look like something I could try. And they could be used for so many different occasions throughout the year! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


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