Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Bias Fabric Flowers

We have another wonderful way to use up some scraps or repurpose clothing hanging...around. There are a million fabric flower tutorials on the internet. But, with a special technique for the edge, I think this one may be a bit different. We used nylon chiffon left over from a pettiskirt and made a flower pin, tulle from a tutu, and various satins and taffetas from our formal gown stash. Add an alligator clip, pin, or pony band and you've got a flower of many uses. You do not need a sewing machine or glue gun although these tools make the flower creating much quicker.

Fabric scrap with room for about 3 ft. (larger flower) of bias cutting (it needn't be cut in one piece). Not sure you have a long enough strip, fold it in half and wrap it around to get an idea of the size your flower will become.


Hot glue and/or hand sewing supplies

Felt scrap

Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies


1. Cut on the bias about 3 ft. of 2-2 1/2" wide strip(s) and sew a gathering stitch up the middle. Use our gathering technique or gather traditionally. Cutting on the bias allows for a very light to no fray on the edge.

2. Fold the strip in half and wrap around into a flower shape, gluing/hand stitching as you go.
3. Cut a felt circle to cover the back and attach it.
4. Attach the pin/clip. We like to cover the top half of our alligator clips with velvet ribbon to help hold them in the hair.
5. Arrange the petals as you like and trim them as needed to create the look you want.

Some fabrics give a little fray while others don't fray at all. We love clipping our flowers to fabric headbands.
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Happy Sewing!

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