Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: "Stocking" Hat and Scarf

If you're family is anything like ours hats are lost all the time. It seems like we can never have quite enough of them when we need one. And, there's nothing more special than having one that matches the mittens...and a scarf too. We use fleece for ours, however you can use an old sweater, felted or not, also. Fleece can be expensive to buy by the yard, but fleece throws are becoming easy to find and often under $5. Garden Ridge has them for $3 or less.

Sewing Supplies
Hand Sewing Needle/Thread
Measuring Tape

1. Measure around the wearers head and add 1/2" (seam allowance).
Measure the height you'd like the hat, plus a cuff (3" for an unfinished cuff edge).
If you want a turn up cuff with a finished edge (pink one pictured), you should add 6" to the height of your finished hat for the cuff.Cut a rectangle the height and width you need. Head circumference by hat height.

2. With right sides together sew a zigzag seam down the side.
Sew a gathering stitch around the top of the hat.

3. Cuff (optional). Turn up (onto the wrong side) 6" of the fleece and zigzag it to the hat. I simply use a 3" cuff (raw edge) and turn it up for my son's hats.

4. On the wrong side, pull on gather threads to bring the hat together. Hand stitch the hole closed.

5. Puff (optional). Turn had right side out. Cut 6-8 strips about 1" wide and 10" long. Twist and tangle the strips to make a "ball". Hand sew the ends together and attach the ball to the hat.

6. Turn the cuff up and enjoy your hat!

7. Scarf: Cut a piece of fleece as wide and long as you'd like your scarf to be.
Snip fringe and sewing needed.

The winter gear we've feature these past few weeks are so easy your children can make them for one another or their friends as Christmas presents. You can easily get many sets out of one fleece throw.
Please share your winter wear gear with us by emailing a photo or placing one in our flickr group. You'll find the flickr link in our left margin.

And...check out our Celebrate sale in the previous post. You certainly don't want to miss it!!!!
Happy Sewing!


  1. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this hat. Although my only child is grown and gone I do have some nieces who would look absolutely adorable in these.

    I'll definitely forward your website address to my sister.


  3. Am working on a Gold Stars Moms"blanket project" to make fleece blankets for children hospitalized in Baghdad. Thanks, I will add a fleece hat to match.


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