Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Mittens

We had our first bit of snow this weekend. It was just a dusting, but enough for the children to get their hands in and need their mittens. Thankfully we could find some from last year. But, we never seem to have enough mittens in our house. Or at least enough mittens that we can find. ;)

Mittens seem to be quite expensive to get lost all the time. Given my leaning towards the frugal side, last year I began hunting for the best way to create mittens for little money. I've found a few types that I like to make. Today's tutorial is one such type. You can make this mitten from any type of knit, lined or unlined. I like to use fleece (somewhat water resistant) and line with a medium weight knit. Unlined mittens get wet much too quickly to be useful here.

Something to draw with
Paper scissors
A big enough piece of fleece to fit 4 hands
Knit piece of similar size
Sewing supplies

l. Trace around the wearers hand. Leave about 1" space. You needn't measure it.
Cut out your pattern.

2. Lay the pattern on the outter fabric, cut 2. Flip the pattern over and cut two for the other hand.

3. Cut 2 out of the lining (optional). Flip the pattern over and cut 2 for the other hand.

4. Make a fabric sandwich. Right sides facing up: lining, outter ; Right sides facing down: outter, lining.
5. Using a 3 x 2 zigzag, stitch about 1/4" from the edge around the mitten, leaving the bottom open. Trim the edges near to the stitching. Turn right side out. Repeat for the second hand.
Our favorite fleece sources are scarves, capes, etc from the thrift store. I bought a red, double thick adult sized cape there last year. It had some stains on it, but will make lots of winter wear! Fleece throws make a great source of novelty fleece. I saw some on sale for $2.99 ea. recently. Enjoy your mittens.
Next week, I plan to share another mitten tutorial, and then we'll do hats and scarves.
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Happy Sewing,
Debbie @ SquigglyTwigs Designs

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