Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Children's Jeans...from Adult Jeans

Need a pair of children's jeans? Have an old, but good pair in your closet? In a few minutes you can whip up a pair that will fit just right, and have cooool pockets, too. You can even add applique, trim, or embroidery while you're at it.


Adult Jeans
Tip: When choosing a pair of adult jeans, make sure the widest part of your pattern will fit into
the leg of the jeans.
To do this, measure the widest part of your pattern prior to “shopping” for the jeans. Take this measurement and a measuring tape with you to the store.
Child's Pant Pattern (elastic waist pattern used here)
Sewing supplies


1. Lay your pattern onto the leg of jeans.
We like to use the existing hem and the existing outter leg seam. Sometimes we use
the inseam as out outter seam by flipping the pattern over.
We simply cut the crotch seam, inseam, and top edge of the pattern. The other edges
are left alone.
Do the same with the opposite leg.

2. Remove and reuse the pockets.
Cut the pockets out of the pants. They are usually just the right
size if you cut along the stitching. You can compare the pocket to any other pocket pattern you may have and adjust as necessary.

3. Press pocket edges and for waist casing.

Press down 1 1/4" for the casing.

Press in about 1/4-1/2" around the pocket edge.

4. Prestitch pockets.
I like to do two rows of stitching on the pockets. So I run the inside row
prior to putting them on the pant. This holds the under-turned edge in place and
it's easier to stitch through two layers than three, when on the pant. The outside edge row of stitching is done later.
I also added the decorative stitch at this time. Or use the decorative stitch that's already there. (These pockets were plain.)
5. Sew crotch seam.
Open pressed area flat. Use overcast or finish seam with zigzag to prevent fraying, or
use a serger.

6. Stitch on Pocket.
Stitch along the outside edge of the pocket.
7. Sew inseam
Use overcast or finish seam with zigzag to prevent fraying, or
use a serger.
8. Sew Casing.
Finish casing edge with a serger or zig zag.
Fold down casing edge, then stitch down the casing.
Remember to leave a 2" opening for inserting the elastic.

9. Finish Elastic and Close Casing
After you have threaded the elastic through the casing, fit the pants to your child
then overlap the elastic and tack it together.
Tuck the elastic into the casing and close the casing opening.

Since you have used the existing hem and outter seam, your pants are
finished. The old jeans now have new life.
Happy Sewing!


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  1. Brilliant refashioning tutorial. Neither of my kids will wear jeans, but I've got some awesome comfy yoga pants that will just fit the bill for this.


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