Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Let's Make Lettuce

We love to lettuce the hems of our knit shirts and dresses. Lettuce edging is a cute little ruffled effect. It's easy and fast to do with a serger, but can be done with a regular sewing machine as well. This pink shirt has the lettuce edge on the hem and sleeve hems.
We'll use the same technique as we did with the sock tutorial a couple of weeks ago. So if you're lettuce edging socks, go a head and lettuce some clothing.


Knit garment with raw hem edges
Machine set to lettuce:
-serger: rolled hem
-sewing machine: satin stitch-wide zigzag (about a 4) and short stitch length (about a 1 or less)
Ballpoint or stretch needle in your machine

1. Place your garment under your presserfoot and stitch along the edge.
2. Make a few stitches, then,with your needle in the down position, stretch your fabric with both hands and guide it along through the machine. Sew all the way around the hemline. The more you stretch, the more it will "lettuce".
Have a wonderful time making lettuce with us!
Happy Sewing!

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